5 Things to do with the kids this Easter

Easter is almost upon us and with a four-day weekend, there is ample opportunity to do some great activities with the kids that the whole family can enjoy.

Easter egg hunt

An oldie but a goodie, the Easter egg hunt is the ultimate in excitement for children at Easter. The fact that there are chocolate eggs hidden all over the place and they’ll get to keep them if they find them – oohh it’s treasure! Invite their friends or cousins over to make it a little more fun and competitive. And bonus - if you hide them well it will keep them occupied for at least 20-30 minutes looking for them. Plus all the running around is sure to burn off enough energy to counteract at least some of the Easter eggs they’ll eat afterwards!

One thing to think about - if it’s a really hot day, you might be better off hiding them inside the house rather than outside in the garden, or freeze them before hand to ensure they don’t melt too soon.

Get crafty

Easter craft is really fun and it’s super cute as well. Bunnies and chickens – lovely pastel colours, stripes and spots are very Easter! Stuck for ideas or materials - you’d be amazed what you can do with some simple paper plates, some paper, cotton wool balls, coloured pencils or paint and a little bit of glitter. Google it!

Make some bunny bunting or garlands to decorate around the house. Draw rabbit faces on balloons. Do the old painted or dyed eggs trick or make paper Easter egg baskets that the kids can use in their egg hunt on Easter Sunday. The kids will have a great time making crafty things and will love to see their decorations on display around the house for the Easter celebrations.

Easter baking

With a few days up your sleeve, Easter is a great time to do some baking with the kids. You’re teaching them some great skills and they’ll have a lot of fun making Easter themed goodies. Hop online, search ‘Easter baking’ and voila – you’ll be swamped with ideas. Think bunny cupcakes, homemade meringue Easter baskets, or truffles and macaroons.

Easter Sunday lunch

Easter Sunday lunch is a great family tradition. Whether it’s a family BBQ or picnic, a small sit down brunch around the kitchen table or a large family garden party – get the kids involved in making the day special for the whole family. Get them to help with the Easter cooking or food preparation, help with the table decorations, planning games and activities or if you’re game, even choosing the menu. Easter is a time for family and any way you can involve the kids in your Easter Sunday celebrations is a great way to forge memories and cement family traditions.

Get outdoors

After Easter, the chilly weather really starts to creep in, so this Easter weekend get outdoors and enjoy some of the last of the warmer weather. Whether it’s a picnic at your favourite outdoor location in town, a BBQ with family and friends, a friendly game of cricket or even just a walk along the beach or in the park with the dog, it’s those last cherished moments of the warmer weather that remind you what’s so great about your piece of the earth.

Family mini-break

With a four day long weekend, it’s the perfect opportunity to get away with the family. Take a mini-break! Get out of town, away from all of the housework, homework and demands of daily life and take the opportunity to really have a bit of family fun. Even if it’s just camping in a nearby town. After four days off you’ll feel completely relaxed

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