Dog Rock Newspower Lotto Win over $700,000!

Lotto luck has struck Albany again with a lucky winner pocketing a Division 1 Lotto prize in this weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw. The winner will receive $704,626 which was sold at Dog Rock Newspower in Albany.
Owners of Dog Rock Newspower Bob and Cathy Campbell said that Albany locals are very happy with the recent win, however the winner is yet to come forward to the news agency or Lotterywest. “We’re so happy that one of our customer’s dreams of winning Lotto has come true. Whoever the winner is, well done to them and I hope it enhances their life”.

Bob and Cathy of Dog Rock Newspower say that their customers are 80% regular, with about 20% being one-off clients. They love to encourage customers to return by offering group syndicates, great service, and a community feel to their news agency. There is a big chance that the winner is an Albany local and doesn’t realise they have won yet.

The couples’ Lotterywest representative called them at home to deliver the exciting news to which the couple called staff and friends to let them know. They said they all had a “feeling of jubilation that someone’s dreams had come true” when the news was delivered.
Dog Rock Newspower has had a Division 1 winner before and has also sold major prizes in Scratchies. To date the biggest win on Lotto has been Division 1 at $2.17million, and a $3 Scratchie has seen another lucky patron win $75,000. There is a wall of fame at the news agency for anyone winning over $10,000, with eight people claiming victory last year.

The Campbell’s says there could also be more winners out there. “Of course there could be more because we have regular holiday customers and also people who wish to remain anonymous. Last Christmas one of our locals picked up $57,805 on a small ticket which cost $7.20”.

Dog Rock Newspower is considered a fairly lucky news agency by locals. Bob and Cathy state that “we purchased this business over five years ago and have been amazed at how many bigger prizes we have sold and how lucky some people have been”. The Campbell’s have tried to make the store as lucky as possible, arranging it for maximum luck and ‘flow’, there is a huge Buddha at the doorway as well as Chinese cats, money frogs and other lucky charms.

When it comes to the charms the couple says “while some people don’t believe, most people are happy to have any helpful luck”.
This year to date there have been more than $112 million in Division 1 Lotto prizes claimed. 33 cents in every dollar of sales from Lotto go back into our communities. Albany’s regional hospital radio station, Heartbeat, have been presented with $5,452 this year as a Lotterywest Grant.

If you have purchased a ticket at Dog Rock Newspower, ensure you get in to check your ticket now!