Our 4 best budget shopping tips

Who doesn’t love shopping?! But when it comes to getting all those must-have items and fashion pieces on a budget, it can be a little tough. However, it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled our best four tips for shopping on a budget so you can look fabulous without spending too much.

Make sure you have wardrobe staples

Staples in your wardrobe should make up the majority of your items. This allows you to mix and match, and add interesting pieces throughout to mix things up. Staples include items such as a white blouse, black skirt, jeans, nude pumps or a great versatile blazer. Once you’ve got all these sorted, you can start adding things to create a bit of flair and personalisation to your style. Think about having 70% staples, and 30% ‘other’ items such as bright colours, crazy shoes, stand out dresses, jewellery, or patterned skirts and shirts. This way, your wardrobe always stays adaptable to the times and will get you through any season no matter what is in fashion and how much spare cash you have.

Consider cost per wear

Cost per wear is a great way to shop to see if that item you have been eyeing off is really worth it. You can calculate the cost per wear by dividing the price by the number of times you think you’ll wear it. For example, if a dress costs $500 but you think you’ll only wear it twice the cost per wear is $250. However if you find a great coat for $500 and you think you’ll wear it every winter for 10 years the cost per wear is $50. In this case the coat might be the better way to spend your money in the end!

Buy on sale

This tip is pretty obvious, however it’s a great way to save money. Whenever possible, stock up on the clothes you need when it is sale time. This might be stocktake, mid-year, end-of-year, Christmas, quarterly sales, or a just-because promotion – but they all work in your favour! Of course sometimes you can’t avoid paying full-price, if you really do love something, can’t stop thinking about, or you need it right now for an event then it’s best to just buy it.

Know what suits you

Part of saving money whilst shopping is having the right stuff in your wardrobe in the first place. By knowing what suits you, what suits your body shape, and what kind of style you enjoy wearing you can make sure you’re not throwing your money away on pieces that won’t get worn. If you don’t feel comfortable in something, it’s likely you won’t wear it, and if you buy something in a size too big or small the same will happen – so stick to what you know and save money in the long run using this technique. Of course that’s not to say don’t try something new every now that then, but do be wary of what suits you and what you’ll actually wear.

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